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BWT-112 – 26830

Developed specifically for removal of Oxygen in Feedwater Storage Vessel associated with Steam Boiler Systems. The product is liquid and easily applied to the storage section of any Feedwater Tank/Deaerator.

BWT-112 is a catalyzed, highly concentrated Sulfite blend. As a catalyzed sulfite, BWT-112 will most rapidly react with Dissolved Oxygen. The Sulfite bonds with the Oxygen forming Sulfate. This reaction renders the Oxygen unavailable to react at the metal surface. This reaction takes time and higher concentrations of Scavenger in ratio to existing Oxygen to complete. To avoid oxygen pitting, 100% of all available Oxygen must be removed. Therefore, it is necessary to drive off as much of the Oxygen as possible through raising temperature and pressure prior to injecting any Oxygen Scavenger. It is also important to assure that the Feedwater storage volume is adequate in providing the required contact time for complete reaction.

BWT-112 should always be fed alone and introduced to the system using a flow switch to activate the Chemical Feed Pump with any System Make-up flow. It may also be injected slowly on a continuous basis. BWT-112 is effective in protecting the Boiler and Condensate Systems waterside surfaces against Oxygen Pitting corrosion in these otherwise highly corrosive environments. BWT-112 is a proprietary blend of high performance raw materials designed to control corrosion within Industry Standards. BWT-112 is rated as Non-Hazardous. BWT-112 has been blended with a unique ratio of raw materials. The specific ratio allows for a single Sulfite test to be used to control the product feed rate.