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BWT-179M – 26840

Developed specifically for inhibiting waterside deposition in Steam Boiler systems. The product is liquid and easily injected into the Feedwater line after the Feedwater pump and prior to the Boiler (if possible, within 12 Feedwater Pipe Diameters of entering the Boiler).

BWT-179M contains Phosphonate, and a highly concentrated blend of Polymers. The Phosphonate in BWT-179M provides the best of both the non-precipitating Boiler Treatment Programs and the precipitating Boiler Programs. It will react as a non-precipitating “Chelant-Like” agent under normal Feedwater conditions (Feedwater less than 5 ppm Total Hardness). BWT-179M does so without the aggressiveness of Chelant-based non-precipitating programs, but with more activity than a “Polymer Only” non-precipitating program. The concentrated, proprietary blend of multi-function, high performance Polymers with the Phosphonate provides Phosphate stability, Iron transportation and deposit inhibition all while offering on-line cleaning capabilities. This combination of active functions makes BWT-179M perfect for today’s Steam Boiler applications.

BWT-179M should be introduced to the system whenever Feedwater is flowing to the Boiler. The power to the BWT-179M feed pump should be tied to the power of the Feedwater pump(s) to activate the Chemical Feed Pump with activation of the Feedwater pump(s). BWT-179M may be fed alone or mixed with Amines and/or Alkalinity Builders. BWT-179M is rated as Non-Hazardous. BWT-179M has been blended with a unique ratio of raw materials. The specific ratio allows for a single Molybdenum test to be used to control the product feed rate.