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CWT-500M – 26850

Developed specifically for Open Re-circulating Cooling Systems with make-up source waters containing high concentrations of Hardness, Alkalinity and Conductivity. This product is very effective in maintaining deposit free waterside surfaces wherever Hardness and/or Alkalinity become(s) the limiting factor in cycles of concentration.

CWT-500 M is a proprietary blend of high performance raw materials designed to control Hardness and Alkalinity Deposition under stressed conditions. Stressed waterside environments include high conductivity, high alkaline, high hardness and elevated pH levels.

CWT-500 M has been proven to inhibit scale even in systems with LSI values up to +3.5 (making this a GREEN product). It is rated as Non-Hazardous and, yet, has been formulated with heavy metals. The unique combination of organic and inorganic corrosion and scale inhibitors in CWT-500M formula can be used in systems where acid is used as alkalinity control. These otherwise corrosive environments require high performance corrosion inhibition. The use of Molybdenum will provide the best available corrosion inhibition since the Chromate Ban.

CWT-500 M has been blended with a unique ratio of raw materials. The specific ratio allows for a single Molybdenum (Mo+6) test to be used to control the product feed rate.