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Enzymes (Powdered) – 30347

Enzyme Treatment: Powdered Organic Waste Digester

Use for: Digestion of starch, cellulose, fat and protein deposits in drains, traps, plumbing lines, waste disposal plants, lagoons, cesspools, septic tanks, etc.

  • Powdered enzyme system of four microbial strains.
  • For: Schools, Hospitals, Municipalities, Institutions and Industry.
  • Non-caustic, Non-toxic, non-flammable.
  • Cleans, Maintains and deodorizes.
  • Will not attack metals or porcelain finishes.
  • Application rates vary per use location. Such as: Septic tanks, 1 pound per 1000 gals. capacity; Grease traps, 1-2 cups per 10-20 gallon capacity.