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Kwik-Green 15-5-3 – 23925

Economical – All purpose

Use On: Lawns, Golf Course fairways, Greens and tees, Lawns, Dichondra, Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees. For use by: Institutions, industries, municipalities, schools, parks, etc.

  • A General Purpose Fertilizer.
  • Concentrated Liquid dilutes with up to 200 parts water for leaf feeding.
  • Contains urea nitrogen for quick top growth and greening, stimulates flower, seed and fruit production.
  • Contains phosphorous to promote cell growth.
  • Contains potassium for stalk growth, fight disease, increase yield and forms starch, sugar and oil and transfers them through the plant.
  • May be used to Leaf and/or Root Feed trees and shrubs.
  • Average Coverage is 1 gallon of concentrate mixed with appropriate water for 4,000 sq. ft.