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Super Select – 27310

With 2-4-D and Dicamba

Use For: Weeds in Turf & General Brush Control on sensitive and hard-to-kill weeds such as dandelion, poison oak, spurge, oxalis.

  • Selective systemic weed control with 2,4,-D, Dicamba and MCPP.
  • Water dilutable concentrate. 1 gallon concentrate diluted with water treats up to 1/2 acre.
  • Apply by hose end, pressure, backback or other manually operated sprayer.
  • Apply during the growing season when weeds are active.
  • Use on new or established turf, brush and vines.
  • Controls such weeds and brush as: dandelion, ragweed, ground ivy, oxalis, poison oak, poison ivy, spurge,blackberry, sagebrush, sumac, kudzu, marijuana, etc.