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Weed-Go – 28200

Controls growth for a full season or longer

Use For: Complete vegetation control on non-cropland areas.
Such as: Industrial Sites, Fence Rows, Storage Areas and Parking Lots. Apply before weeds emerge or up to 3 months after.

  • Nonselective Herbicide with Prometone.
  • Oil Based – Water Dilutable Emulsifiable Concentrate.
  • Kills by Contact & Root Absorbtion.
  • Can be applied to ground prior to laying of asphalt, or may be mixed with cutback asphalts.
  • Effective woody plant and brush control.
  • Use as a spot treatment.
  • Prevents regrowth on driveways, walks, paths, black top and graveled areas, and for creating firebreaks.
  • Controls such weeds as: Oxalis, crabgrass, Bermuda grass, spotted spurge, mustard dandelion, wild morning glory, poison oak, honeysuckle and blackberry.