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CL-2 – 26860

Developed specifically for high retention Heating Hot and Chilled Water Closed Loop Systems where the use of Molybdenum has become either banned from discharge or deemed as too costly. The product is also highly recommended in systems with existing Iron Corrosion Deposits.

CL-2 will form its pacifying film with the existing Iron Corrosion By-Products while other inhibitor formulas may tend to “push” the existing deposits throughout the system. CL-2 should not be applied in systems open to the atmosphere. Do not use in systems with continuous or consistent system water losses resulting in make-up over 10% of total system volume. This product is very effective in maintaining corrosion free waterside surfaces in these otherwise highly corrosive environments.

CL-2 is a proprietary blend of high performance raw materials designed to control corrosion within Industry Standards. It is a mixture of organic and inorganic inhibitors. CL-2 is rated as Non-Hazardous and has been formulated without any heavy metals. This formula can be used in systems where Heavy Metal Discharge Regulations or Cost limitations prohibit the use of Molybdenum-based Inhibitors. CL-2 has been blended with a unique ratio of raw materials. The specific ratio allows for a single Nitrite test to be used to control the product feed rate.