Sungro has over 42 years of experienced in Toll Blending, Formulation, and Contract packaging. From our facilities in Southern California, we can offer you a turnkey project from inception to delivery to your customer. We specialize in private label blending, compounding, filling, and packaging. Our network of contacts and resources will help you turn your ideas into a cost effective, professionally packaged product.

High Quality Contract Chemical Blending

With over 50 years of experience in custom chemical blending services, Sungro Products is recognized as the leading service provider in the industry. With our high tech chemical formulators and state of the art facilities based in Southern California, we offer exceptional toll blending services while ensuring strict quality control and contract chemical blending with adherence to client specifications.

Toll Blending
Toll Blending is the service where a customer will provide us with a formula and we perform the manufacturing of the end product. With our years of experience we are capable of handling your production needs.
We can help with your production by furnishing all of the necessary components such as the chemicals, containers, caps, cartons, and labor or any combination of the above.Our services include the filling and packaging of the following items:√ Adhesives
√ Lubricants
√ Paints
√ Epoxies
√ Greases
√ Cleaners
√ Pesticides
√ Disinfectants
√ Fluids
√ Viscous Materials
√ Combustibles
√ Flammables
Contract Packaging & Filling Services
Filling Options Plastic & Metal:√ Totes
√ Drums
√ Pails
√ Bottles
√ Cartridges
√ Caulk Tubes
√ Jars
√ Tubes/CollapsibleClosures:√ Induction heat seal
√ Shrink Banding
√ Sprayers applied
√ Child resistant
√ Dropper tips
√ Cap plug inserts

Labeling & Identification Options:√ Pressure sensitive spot or wrap-around, and glue-on labels
√ Inkjet coding
√ BarcodingOther Packaging Options:√ Blister Cards
√ Shrink Wrapping
√ Display boxes
√ Master shippers
√ Multiple item assembly
√ Palletizing
√ Shrink seals
√ Stenciling

Private Labeling


We specialize in private label blending, compounding, filling and packaging from concept through finished product.

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