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Con Klean – L1003

Dissolves Concrete From Tools & Equipment. Designed Especially For Volumetric Mobile & Drum Mixers.

Works like magic, no VOC’s a liquid organic acid alternative to muriatic, sulfuric, & phosphoric acids. No odors or fumes. Use to remove cured cement, concerete, mortar, grout or stucco from any hard surface. Contains a rust inhibitor to protect equipment from corrosion.

  • Penetrates deep into concrete residues and dissolves from within.
  • Increased safety with no hammering or chipping off of materials.
  • Easy cleanup with only water.
  • Alternative for etching for floor preparation and cleanup.
  • Reduce complaints about mortar, stucco, or cement splashing.
  • Elimination of damage to paint on equipment.
  • Stronger bonding of coatings and self-leveling materials.
  • Provides a safer working environment for employees.
  • Reduce turnaround time for equipment repairs.
  • A completely biodegradable liquid.